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Financial Planning Services is a comprehensive financial planning firm established to help our clients build wealth.  Our clients receive assistance only after we are fully aware of the client`s goals and objectives.  Our recommendations are designed to be long-term solutions, not just short-term fixes.  Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that the most important decision an investor can make is not which investment to buy, but rather, how assets should be allocated based upon the investors attitudes, objectives, circumstances and risk-taking capacity.

Our clients are located in over 15 states and a number of foreign countries.  A typical financial planning client receives the following services:

  1. A review of the client`s present financial situation.
  2. Assistance in defining financial goals in the areas of personal income management; risk management; and educational, retirement, estate, tax and investment planning.
  3. A computer-based analysis of the client`s present situation in each area.
  4. General and specific recommendations made to the client to help accomplish the client`s goals and priorities.
  5. A Total Financial Planning Report.

An alternative to the Total Financial Planning Report is also available.  Individual questions dealing with retirement planning, education costs, investments, and insurance can be answered on a case by case basis.

Feel free to contact us at  We would be happy to provide you with helpful information.